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An introduction to flex blogger Meg – work, creativity, her theatre company and books.

It’s a Tuesday in Bristol; a classic late English summer morning. A light breeze is making waves in the long grass outside, distracting me through the glass door.

View from Meg's desk

I sit at home and type. Scatty from one blog to the next. I rifle through emails, ignore social media (with difficulty), pour more tea, scroll through endless job search results. Later I will write a blog about why writers use the truth to tell stories, something to dig my teeth into – a task that excites me. It’s in the back of my mind, ideas forming, ready to be scratched and opened out and formed on the page.

Before I begin I will take notes. I will make a short, rough plan to help get me started. Let the words spill out, write, read, rewrite and so on until the brief is filled and I am happy with the work. I have a tendency toward perfectionism, which I relish when working for flex – I am a freelancer and I can stretch time until I feel I have created the best piece I possibly can.

Flying Elephant Theatre logo

Working for flex allows me to be part of a fantastic, grounded team, whilst also giving me freedom

to work on my other creative projects – acting, writing, directing. I work with my theatre company,

Flying Elephants, to make original, accessible theatre. We meet in cafés on Stokes Croft in Bristol, we sip coffee and talk about politics and the world and how we can use our voices to make change. Then we stumble in to rehearsal rooms and pull it all together to make a show.

I gobble up books – plays, novels, poetry. I’m reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt: a masterpiece of tragedy, loss and love. The story of a boy who is beaten with a terror that the world won’t stop throwing at him. Even as he grows to a man he is lost and battered. The book is a force, it’s a heart, a beating living glorious thing. A chunky joyful novel that I cart with me everywhere in my backpack – I don’t want to finish it. I always seem to be absorbed in something – occasionally that thing is terrible television and junk food or petty posts on social media, but I’d like to think that most of my consumption is a little more grounded.

I walk a lot so I’m massively into podcasts – Pod Save America is a brilliantly honest and witty show that educates me without completely terrifying me and it’s a new favourite. I sometimes trudge to the gym (slightly unenthusiastically), then I am always astonished by how wonderful I feel walking home after sweating out worries and stretching into new yoga shapes that I hadn’t thought were possible. I try to be balanced, try to keep all the pockets of my world full – social life, health, work, creativity. It’s a challenge, it’s tricky, but when it works it’s rather beautiful and I’m incredibly grateful for the life I have.

Meg Swingler

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