Flex is a small independent UK publications, brand and communications agency, focused on producing great work for our clients with the best service.


Before launching as flex in 2011 we were Words Publishing for 18 years, providing the same excellent service to some very big names. Now we’ve added new talent and brand experience to the team and come of age with a flexible partnership business. This means we can work with an extended family of great writers, designers, technicians and digital content experts to ensure our clients keep getting what they need.


Our UK team works from three inspiring locations: Hay-on-Wye (the famous town of books), Hebden Bridge (between Manchester and Leeds) and in the Aardman Studios, Bristol. 


Hugh Wilson

Research and feature writer

I've been a professional freelance journalist and copywriter for nearly 25 years, and met flex in 2017, since when I have supported the team in some exciting international client work. In addition to online blogging and business magazine features, I have written for most quality broadsheets and broadcast media.

Kathryn Jenner
Kathryn Jenner, researcher and writer

Researcher and writer

Being part of the flex team suits my curious nature and love of working with words. I started freelancing as a researcher, writer and editor seven years ago, after spending many years working with literary and cultural archives. I also help to edit a long-running literary magazine.

Annabel Reddick
Annabel Reddick, editor and storyteller

Editor and storyteller

I’ve been part of the core team at flex  - as a writer and editor - since day one, and for over 15 years before that with Treby’s publishing company in Bristol. I learned my trade on busy daily and weekly newspapers and was a copywriter for BBC Worldwide.

Treby Swingler

Storyteller and journalist

At flex I'm an editor and writer serving global clients from our creative spaces in Hay, Bristol and Yorkshire. A journalist all my life, I began in BBC radio then magazines, press, a stint as newspaper features editor - and then ran my own corporate publishing business before co-founding flex.

Peter Roberts

Director and client lead

I've worked in marketing and communications for over 35 years and have enjoyed being both client-side and agency-side. I'm the co-founder of flex and sole director, but I'm also a strategist, researcher, planner, project manager and writer on client assignments. 

Peter Roberts, flex director and client lead


Amie Joachim

Graphic Designer

I am a graphic designer specialising in editorial design, and have worked with Treby and Annabel for many years, first with Words Publishing and more recently with flex on a number of print and digital projects.

India Rabey
Martin Stern, print guru

Graphic Designer

I have worked closely with the flex team for many years, designing B2B and internal comms magazines for some great clients. In 2014 I founded my company, The Way Design, in Bristol and together we’re going from strength to strength.

Shanya Buultjens
Paul Crawford-Smith
Paul Crawford-Smith, graphic designer

Graphic Designer

I first met the guys at flex in London over ten years ago and we have been working on client projects together ever since.

Pie & Mash Design is now Yorkshire-based but I work countrywide. I was also a gigging musician and I love photography.

Shanya Buujtens, digital designer

Digital designer 

Being part of the influential and enthusiastic digital team at Studio Diva in Bristol is something I really enjoy as a digital developer. We've been working with flex for six years, designing and managing client email communications.

Tom Pearson
Tom Pearson.jpg

Social media specialist

I am a professional online content producer working with clients and partners like flex to provide inspiring online content and social media strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I started Greener Media 20 years ago to help clients make the most of the digital world.

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