Handmade in Hebden Bridge

The Handmade Parade, now in its 10th year, is a staple of the creative calendar in Hebden Bridge – and flex’s northern office is on the route of its raucous, riotous, rowdy romp through town.

Handmade Parade -nets

One of the things the flex team loves about Hebden Bridge is the very visible expression of creativity in the town. The Handmade Parade, held annually in June, is exactly as its name suggests. Taking a different theme each year, anyone who wants to take part can attend open workshops, where parade artists guide costume-making, from the simple to the sophisticated, for children, adults and dogs. If you want to stilt-walk, dance or join in the Handmade Samba Band, there are workshops for that too. Even the spark day, where the theme for the year is decided, is inclusive – everyone’s ideas are welcomed. It’s a genuine coming together of the community in the most colourful and joyous celebration of creativity.

This year’s theme was nautical - and this is what we saw as the parade passed the flex office...


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